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26. August 2014

I’m pretty horny.

I hate that. I feel that pain lately. I read this as “on the couch in scrubs” lol

Hah. Nah, I don’t wear scrubs. Though - I do envy people who wear scrubs for work! Easy to get dressed every day.

24. August 2014

Ending my holiday with sleeping on the couch and watching Zach Braff so I can get my brain to stop working overtime. 

Need to feel okay. So. Pug.
24. August 2014


23. August 2014


Mboa tiako ho fantarina ihany hoe firy ny Gasy eto Tumblr. Manao ahoana daholo ny fianakaviana Malgasy eto Tumblr!

Manao ahoana ehhh! 

Il y a clairement un phénomene parmi les plus jeunes ‘expatriots’ malgache dans lequel ils peuvent parler malgach, mais impossible d’écrire en malgache. Certainment avec les malgache-americains.